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TrailBlazer Mission Products:

The TrailBlazer is a commercial mission, not substantially supported by government funds. We want to do for the Moon what Jacques Cousteau did for marine exploration, to go, to see, sell the images as content and repeat it again and again. In the process, we hope to have some fun as well as helping to open up a new world for humankind.

Following are products for sale that will be produced by the TrailBlazer mission. Some products are returned to Earth, others are carried to the moon. For further information on each item, please select the appropriate button above.

  • Personal Products To The Moon:

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    In addition to returning imagery, the TrailBlazer spacecraft will be able to carry a limited number of personal items to the lunar surface. Our Secure On-line Catalog Site will enable you to personally participate in this mission.
    Carriage is currently being offered for:

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  • Lunar Atlas:

    The premier product of the mission will be a high-resolution atlas of the lunar surface.
  • Lunar Imagery:

    TrailBlazerTM will be returning a considerable quantity of other still and motion video imagery suitable for advertising, website content, and multi-media productions, as well as scientific study.
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