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In addition to the lunar atlas, TrailBlazerTM will be taking substantial amounts of motion and still imagery during its mission from launch to impact. This video is available for use as content for advertising, entertainment, and website portal content. Particular opportunities available include:

  • Video of the entire flight, from TLI booster separation following launch, through lunar orbit capture. This video will include a reprise of the famous "Big Blue Marble" shot of the Earth receeding as the spacecraft leaves Earth orbit and the approaching Moon.
  • Earthrise: A defining video image for the New Millennium. The spacecraft will capture a reprise of the famous Apollo image of the blue and white Earth rising over the stark limb of the moon.
  • Low-altitude, high-speed video. Following the mapping orbits during which the imagery for the lunar atlas will be gathered, the spacecraft will be commanded into very-low-altitude orbits in an effort to gather very high resolution video. During these passes, we will endeavor to photograph areas of special interest, including American Apollo and Russian landing sites.
  • Final de-orbit video, up to moment of impact. At the conclusion of the mission, the TrailBlazerTM spacecraft will be commanded to impact in a known location. The impact will be set up in such a way that the final "barnstorming" video down nearly to the time of impact will be returned.

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