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Pictures from the November 2002 fit check/vibration test/separation test in the Yuzhnoye Design Office, Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine. This test is in preparation for the December 2002 launch of the TrailBlazer structural test article, along with 5 other microspacecraft.
Click here to view a Real video of the launch.
Click here to view the full Kosmotras promotional video [Real, 7 MByte] featuring the December 20 2003 TrailBlazer Structural Test Article Satellite.
Placement of payload structural mockups onto the Dnepr payload adapter.
Final assembly of the Dnepr Payload Capsule.
Assembled Dnepr Payload Capsule. Left to Right: Stanislav Us, Yuzhnoye Design Office, Prof. Graziani, University of Rome, Paul Blase, TransOrbital, Inc., Vladimir Mikhailov, First Deputy Director Gen. Kosmotras
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