TrailBlazer Electra I Electra II

TransOrbital's proposed Electra mission will be the first commercial lunar surface lander. Artist Concept of Electra Lander with camera extended

The Electra micro-lander is a self-contained spacecraft, based on micro-satellite technology, capable of delivering up to 10 kg of payload to the lunar surface from an Earth-Moon trajectory. The microlander may be launched on a variety of launch vehicles including the Ariane IV and V and the Russian Dnepr.

The spacecraft provides power and command/data communications services for the payload as well as deployment to the lunar surface if required. Currently, the spacecraft is capable of operation only during the local lunar day, dropping into a sleep mode during the lunar night. Minimal electrical power and thermal control for the payload is available during this time. Future upgrades will include sufficient on-board power storage to operate the payload continuously.

Click here to view a movie showing one artist's conception of the Electra mission: AVI video.

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