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TransOrbital Inc., a leader in the commercial development of space, is pleased to announce that it is now selling transportation of cargo to the moon on the 2001 TrailBlazer lunar orbiter scheduled for launch in mid 2002. By logging on to the TransOrbital web site at customers can purchase the transport of their personal messages to the moon as well as the transportation of business cards, memorabilia, and small artifacts. All cargo items will be deposited on the surface of the Moon in a secure time capsule at the end of the 2001 TrailBlazer lunar orbiting mission. The 2001 TrailBlazer lunar orbiting mission is currently scheduled for launch in mid 2002 from the Russian cosmodrome at Baikonur under contract with the Kosmotras space launch company.

The 2001 TrailBlazer lunar orbiter has been designed to obtain high-definition video during its trip from the Earth the Moon as well as one-meter resolution maps of the lunar surface. In addition there will be video of the Earth from the Moon, which will show the Earth rising on the Moon just as the Moon rises on Earth. With a one-meter resolution of the Moons surface it will be possible to see more detail of the Moon than ever before. It may even be possible to see the Apollo landing sites and the Russian rovers, which were left by previous missions to the Moon. The variety of altitudes from which video will be photographed will provide the most exciting and detailed perspectives ever seen of the Moons surface.

2001 TrailBlazerTM is scheduled to be the first commercial venture the Moon and as such will champion the transfer of lunar development from the government to the private sector. TransOrbital is the only private company that is scheduled to launch a mission to the Moon within the next year. Following in the footsteps of the 2001 TrailBlazer lunar orbiter, TransOrbital expects many more private companies will see both the short-term and long-term financial opportunities in developing Earth's closest planetary neighbor.

TransOrbital Inc. is a supplier of aerospace design and analysis services, spacecraft and commercial space missions. Established in 1998 TransOrbital intends to win the new “race to the moon” by being the first company to orbit the Moon with a completely commercial spacecraft. The 2001 Trailblazer spacecraft’s primary missions are to return HDTV video and other multimedia content from lunar orbit to market as commercial products and the delivery of cargo to the Moon.

We're going to the Moon-Come join us!

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